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Coisa Verde

The head of the company and at the same time the brand

we are us - marriage with many years of experience in living together. 

The birth of our child has stimulated us to stop and think about what is the most important thing in our lives. In our opinion, it is family and health. 

Both of these values combine with each other, they concern both the sphere of spirit and body, which is confirmed by the definition of health according to WHO (World Health Organization) saying that health is a state of well-being both physical, mental and social. 

In the era of ubiquitous chemistry causing diseases and allergies, as well as plastic littering and poisoning our environment, we gradually began to limit them in our lives. 

Every day we are exposed to many temptations, but we hope that in the future we will be able to completely change our surroundings and not only ours :) That's why we decided to present our project to you  – the COISA VERDE. What´s mean green things. 

These green things mentioned above are just everyday equipment that each of us certainly uses: toothbrushes, face cleaning products, or even the simplest straws dipped in drinks refreshing us on hot summer days or during a birthday party child. 

We wish you a pleasant use of products by COISA VERDE, we would be grateful for any feedback you have regarding our products, this will allow us to get to know you better and your needs so that we can improve our project, which we deeply believe in.