List of products by brand Denova Pro

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Cosmetics for exclusive use by aesthetic professionals, quality at an exceptional price.

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About Denova pro:

1. Are Denova pro products been subjected to any tests?

Yes, we care about the safety of all our products. Therefore they are subjected to dermatological, allergic, application and efficacy tests and evaluation of the safety of human health and cosmetics.

2. Which products are based on natural ingredients?

All Denova pro products are of natural origin, developed by chemists and pharmacists, and are produced in an ecological classification area.

The recipes are based on components similar to the natural skin substances.

3. Does Denova pro test animals?

No, Denova pro never tests animals.

4. I have sensitive skin and a tendency to allergies. Can I use Denova pro products?

Yes, all Denova pro products are subject to allergy testing. However, allergies can be caused by several factors. It is for this reason that we recommend a sensitivity test on the forehead before proceeding for use in the treatment.

5. Are Denova pro products be used by pregnant women?

You can use almost all home treatment products except massage creams, and cosmetics with vit. A and AHA complexes.

However we do not recommend the products of professional office use, at least in the first months of gestation.

6. Which of the foot creams are also recommended for diabetics?

The Denova pro foot creams were tested on diabetic skin and consulted with diabetologists. You can certainly use:

  • Cracked Skin Relief Cream
  • Deep hydrating foot cream
  • Nourishing massage cream

7. Where are cosmetics made?

Denova pro is a Polish brand and all cosmetics are produced in an ecological zone of the Pomeranian district of Poland.

Important: They are dedicated exclusively to the sale in salons of beauty. Wide range Denova pro allows a cooperation with:

Beauty salons specializing in facials and body treatments.

Beauty salons specializing in foot treatments.

Massage houses.

Physiotherapy rooms.

SPA salons.