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Cosmetics the highest quality with natural compositions, beautiful fragrances and beneficial effect, but at reasonably priced.

We are a producer and distributor of extraordinary natural skin and hair care products. 
Nacomi is a brand of natural cosmetics made only from top quality ecological and organic ingredients. We draw inspiration from nature, healthy lifestyle and natural beauty. 
Our unique products combine natural ingredients with beautiful fragrances and they are pleasant to the touch so that women can take delight in their skin and hair care treatments without any risk to their health.
Our passion for making natural cosmetics, driven by customer satisfaction, inspires us to regularly expand our product range for women, but also for men and most importantly, for kids and babies.

Nacomi produce for people with allergies, skin problems and those who appreciate a healthy lifestyle and want to use natural products without unnecessary "improvers" - parabens, silicones and mineral oils.

In cosmetics you will not find dangerous or allergenic substances. Every day we have contact with innumerable the amount of chemical or artificial additives. Not only in cosmetics but also in food and in the air. Therefore, as a cosmetics manufacturer, brand Nacomi makes sure, that compositions of it's products are organic and safe.

None of the products Nacomi not been tested on animals, but all have been dermatologically and hypoallergenic tested.

The brand is distinguished by simplicity compositions, use in cosmetic products oils unrefined and use of vitamin E as a natural preservative. Nacomi relies on imported from all over the world the treasures of nature. The offer of the producer you will find a wide range of these natural products - from the popular argan or rosehip oil, to the shea butter, black soap, natural clays and algae.

We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to use every day healthy and safe cosmetics, and such are the natural cosmetics NACOMI.