List of products by brand Paese

Their range of products includes colorful make up cosmetics such as primers, powders, eyeshadows, lipsticks, lip glosses, foundations, concealers.

Paese is a polish cosmetic brand present on the market since 2008. It owes it's dynamic growth to the high quality of products, a wide variety of colours and attractive packagings.

Paese is an Italian word meaning a "land". A land of beauty for women of all types of beauty and skin. It's a brand which put the client in the first place. They sell not only products but also the idea – the idea of beauty, self esteem and uniqueness.

Paese are a team of peaople with passion, commitment, who share their knowledge and experience. Due to this we have a wide range of loyal customers who regularly come back to they.

Paese offer professional care series, which include make up remover, natural oils, high quality hyaluronic acid and natural body butters.


Paese's mission is creating and constantly improving unique products and services that help women feel more beautiful and confidently display their inner value.


80% of the assortment is manufactured in company own laboratory which has GMP certificate (Good Manufacturing Practice).

Their own production allows to carefully select ingredients not only in terms of functionality or application but also because of the additional care properties. Creating a new product is supervised by a team of technologists,make up artists and product managers.

The raw materials are chosen from reliable suppliers. Each product is created with passion and attention to details Cosmetics are created based on natural, nutritional components.They contain vitamin complexes, oils, waxes, minerals and natural sunscreens.